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Maan Residence

Project: A residential project for a family of  5.
Collaborators: Studio III, Abhija Dalal Landscapes, Asim Shah – Samserjan Consultants
Location: Saket, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Area: 750 Sq.Mt.
Status: Completed
Team: Jahnavi Acharya, Abhishek Shahji, Shivani Khatri & Naitik Vakharia.

This home is an articulation of semi-open spaces continuously flowing in and out of the house. Every space in the house is connected to outdoors. Sandstone simulating earth holds this constant expression of being in and out at the same time. The plan of the house is organized by intersecting internal spaces with three longitudinal courtyards.

The three courtyards with variable natural light conditions house punctuate variety of experiences at different times of the day. The internal landscape counters the generic synthetic environment that is common in similar typologies Ahmedabad


The site is surrounded by green and offers opportunity to take in only West and South and the same directions act as an avenue to facilitate ventilation.

Plan Organization

Materials: Expressions in Sandstone through non-structural walls is dominant in every space of the house, rendering each space a quality of being interacting with the landscape