Shaken & Stirred House

A house for a family of 4 – sited on a plot of 1200 sq mts is located in the suburbs of the city of Ahmedabad in the western part of India. The programmatic requirements were quite conventional but the spatial experience required was unique. Assorting memories of spatial experience since her childhood the owner wanted a house that could make her travel back in time and experience the same again.

The form focuses in 3 different directions towards the landscapes to frame different components in the landscape.

The happiest memories were of a time when she was learning Indian traditional dancing at Natrani – a school on the banks of the river Sabarmati – the school grew over a time on a compact piece of land, the fragmented ‘scale and nature’ of spaces is what she longs for.

Project Info
Project: Residential | Location: Ahmedabad | Size: 340 sq.m | Year: 2015-2017
Naitik Vakharia | Abhishek Shahji | Bhanupratap Sharma
Structural Engineers
Asim Shah
Civil Engineer
Mulji Patel