Jan 16, 2021

Naddi-Bal, Himachal Pradesh

written by wordpressodd

The location of the site of the workshop in Naddi, Himachal is engulfed in the thicket of trees, gushing water streams that pave pathways and local village settlement. The workshop aimed to document, understand and analyze the functioning of this site. The core ideas and the corresponding documentation and analytical exercise was later picked up as an academic design studio.

The descending streams of unmotorable roads take one towards the house forms that are tightly packed against the harsh climates of the region. Each of these topographies is documented by the medium of sketching such that the essence of the close proximity could be expressed.


To apprehend the essence of the vernacular anthropometrics, the standard measuring devices for documentation were replaced by bodily units of measurement like pace or steps, or widths of palm. This allowed the participants to gain a sense of materiality and spatial adaptation.

Analysis and schematic diagrams of the documentation carried out in Bir village