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The principal aim of the workshop was to develop an understanding of a material, develop an ability to visualize and articulate forms in the material through sets of joineries and process of making, and further clarifying this learning through the sequence of construction. The workshop started with the basic introduction to bamboo as a material and the concept of tensegrity – by making tensegrity models followed by lectures on campus at IDEA, Indus. Once the models were made, a simple unit to demonstrate tensegrity was worked out in bamboo which helped in understanding the fixtures and joineries used in creating the structure.

Students’ explorations of the tensegrity model from the workshop

Bali offers a range of bamboo species that can be used in multiple ways, making bamboo a versatile material of construction for the region.
The workshop progressed in three stages being:

  • Explorations and understanding of working of tensegrity structures.
  • Exploring and absorbing the Expressions of bamboo in Bali.
  • Understanding the concept of Tensegrity and Hands-on working with the material by reflecting upon the ideas that the exercise of exploring Bali offered.
Documented process of the hands-on tensegrity bamboo exploration
Participants’ sketches and documentation for joinery explorations