Jul 1, 2015

Setting Sails, Mandvi


‘Setting Sails’ is a relative study program conducted for the students of architecture department from Indus University at Mandvi, Kutch. The program is constructed keeping the 400 yar old process of ship-making at its core.

The workshop was devised such that its course and learning became a part of the ship-building process at Kutch. During the construction of the ship, the workers were divided into various activities. All these activities are done simultaneously on the ship. Each of these activities required its unique body posture and the corresponding space
to perform the specific activities. The students tried to capture the posture and the dimensions required through the medium sketches and detailed sectional drawings.

The interactions with experts exposed the students to the influence of Mandvi’s maritime occupation along and also on the emergence of shipbuilding as a prime craft of Kutch region.

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