Jan 15, 2021

Aranya, Indore

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Aranya housing serves as a great example to explore and absorb the notions of public and personalized spaces within a tactically knit fabric of houses for the often-forgotten classes of the community in conventional practices.

As a part of learning for the academic housing studio, a group of 30 students from the Institute of Design, Environment and Architecture at Indus University looked at the Aranya Housing network and learnt, recorded and critically absorbed and reflected on the project.


The primary part of the program included understanding the Zoning and the functioning of the woven street networks. The student group interacted with the occupants and learnt about the flexibility in house forms along with the notions like how the built forms catered to the occupants and how the spatial organization was mapped out.

Water supply and water sewage layout diagramming done as a part of documentation exercise
A digital generation of the street produced as a result of an hourly documentation of the sciographical study


The resourceful drawings and maps provided by the VastuShilp Foundation was critically looked at.Then after thoroughly understanding the core intents of the planning, a complete learning was backed by the implementation and analytical dialogue on it

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